At Get Up and Go, we are keen to foster partnerships and collaborative relationships with individuals, companies, charities and organisations that share our intention to inspire and motivate people to 'get up and go' in life, in the areas that matter - for health, wellbeing, success, happiness and fulfilment.

We invite partnerships from •publishers, •distributors, •educators, •women’s groups, •schools, •health groups •business organisations •entrepreneur organisations. We welcome requests to personalise our 'Get Up and Go' diaries and journals to inspire and motivate your 'tribe' of followers, your employees, or your team. We promise a unique promotional diary/journal to personalise YOUR customers experience of YOUR brand or business”. We integrate your tools into our system.

In partnership with Roger James Hamilton of Wealth Dynamics and Entrepreneurs Institute, we have collaborated on the production of their Genius Journal. This is a physical link to their online learning platform for entrepreneurs - We promote the Talent Dynamics / Wealth Dynamics Profile Test which gives people an insight on what is their true path to 'wealth' in life, not just financial wealth, but a truly wealthy life, lived in accordance with their natural energy (or flow).

We collaborate with schools to customise our Homework Journal to the individual school's requirements.

We were delighted to have been given the opportunity to publish The Confidence To Succeed by Donna Kennedy. True inner confidence, in ones' self worth and ones' abilities and capabilities, is vital for success in all areas of life. Confidence can be lost and confidence can be found - we just need to know where to look. The confidence to meet with, and deal with, the challenges of life face on is expertly demonstrated in this excellent book.

We are proud to be associated with Cycle Against Suicide and regularly donate surplus diaries to those organisations supporting people in difficulty whom we feel will get benefit from the empowering content.

Our motto, Forgive the past - Live the present - Create the future, encourages us all to remember that 'now' is all we have and what we do 'now' is all that truly matters.