Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas Gift Guide

What is Christmas without the thrill of expectation? And a big part of that is the giving and receiving of gifts. Gifting perfectly to those special people in your life makes the season more exceptional. If you need a prod of inspiration, why not give the gift that keeps on giving all year through, in the form of a beautifully bound journal, diary, or inspirational planner?

There’s an option for everyone on your Christmas list:

We all know a busy woman. A beloved aunt, sister, mother-in-law, or niece. We have probably been raised by one. If you’re a mother, you might even have raised one yourself. The Busy Women Diary or Daily Planner, Gratitude Journal, and the Daily Guide to Good Health and Wellbeing are all phenomenal gifts to consider for the busy woman in your life.

The Get up and Go Daily Planner for Busy Women has a page a day designated to organizing and planning with ideal opportunities for reflection. It’s handy, too, all bound in a beautiful A5 size hardback chockful of illustrations, inspirational quotes, daily motivations, monthly goals, and regular check-ins.

The Get Up and Go Diary for Busy Women is an opportunity to connect with what’s important, and to be inspired and encouraged by who you are in the face of life’s challenges. Is there a woman out there who will not benefit from the time to reflect on and appreciate who she is and all the good that she does?

The Daily Guide to Good Health and Wellbeing provides daily reminders of what it takes to keep well, not just diet and exercise, sprinkled with lovely pictures and inspiring quotes. This is a guide to the power of self-speak, listening, connecting with others, and self-care in balancing a personal perspective to life. It is complete with healthy recipes and tracking of diet, exercise, and wellbeing goals.

The Irish Get Up and Go Diary is the signature diary in this range. It inspires and motivates, but with a difference and is dotted with the most beautiful pictures. Daily challenges are overcome and the get up and go is easily resumed through encouraging and guiding the reader using personal goals, dreams, and visions of the future.

The Get Up and Go Diary is much like the signature The Irish Get Up and Go Diary, but it’s for English-speaking cultures rather than specifically for the Irish market. It inspires and motivates and encourages and empowers the reader to get up and go, with the help of this beautifully illustrated book.

Still unsure which book to choose for whom? Not to worry, we have done the homework for you in deciding the ideal choice to show the thought behind your gift:

Let’s not forget Grandma, the soft place to land in anyone’s books. Why not inspire her with her very own Daily Guide to Good Health and Wellbeing, a Gratitude Journal, or the Irish Get Up and Go Diary.

Where would we be without the men in our lives? Dad, grandfather, brother, boyfriend, uncle, or nephew would all be impressed with their own copy of the Gratitude Journal, Genius Journal, Irish Diary, or Daily Guide to Good Health and Wellbeing.

Christmas is for children and the colourful Young Person’s Diary is perfect as a diary with a difference for youngsters aged 8 to 12, although it is suitable for all ages. The diary inspires, motivates, encourages, and empowers the reader to consider life from a different perspective. It fosters exploration and resilience, helps youngsters deal with challenges, and paves the way for the realities they will be facing. Who doesn’t appreciate an inspiring quote at the start of the day? Couple this with wonderful illustrations, profound wisdom shared, daily motivational messages, and inspiring stories, and you’re all set for a year of good things. The monthly Goals Page works through personal goals, dreams, and action plans, to promote a ‘get up and go’ attitude.

Teenagers get the Gratitude Journal to inspire their ‘get up and go,’ all beautifully bound in an A5 format in which to record whatever motivates gratitude.

The Genius Journal serves to inspire the entrepreneur and ignite the inner genius in the reader, also perfect for those meritorious teens. It’s a ‘get up and go’ journal in hardback, with a perfect blend of words of wisdom and exceptional ideas.

Merry Gifting, one and all.

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