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The Get Up and Go Diary for Busy Women 2021

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This is a diary created by busy women for busy women. Have you ever met a woman who wasn’t busy? “As Eileen, the author, says, “As a busy woman, what I need is ‘time in’ (as opposed to time out!), time to get present to what’s really important in my life and not let the busy-ness distract me from what matters”. The time taken to create, and read, this diary is just that – an opportunity to connect with what’s important, and to be inspired and encouraged by who you are, in the face of the challenges of your busy life. We all need time to reflect on, and appreciate, who we are, and all the good that we do. What is all the busyness for – if not to be happy in ourselves?

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Designed with today’s Busy Woman in mind, this is a diary with a difference – ‘the diary that inspires and motivates’. Beautifully illustrated, the Get Up and Go Diary for Busy Women is designed to inspire and motivate you, a Busy Woman, to ‘get up and go’ every day with courage and confidence. As you meet and deal with the challenges of everyday life, let yourself be assured that all is well. Trust your own intuition and let yourself be guided by your own vision and dreams, inspired and encouraged by the words of those who have gone before you.

Messages of hope and encouragement
Wisdom from yesterday for today and tomorrow
Thoughts of gratitude and appreciation
Inspiration for when you want it
Humour to laugh at the funny side of life
Space for your personal goals and dreams
Optimism to live life with a positive view
Motivation for when you need it.