About Get Up and Go Publications

About the Diaries

These unique Get Up and Go diaries represent a philosophy that works! We choose quotes containing great words, spoken by great people, to continue to inspire and motivate our readers to 'get up and go' in life and cause the results that hopefully we all want to see in the world. We choose words of reflection, peace, harmony, generosity, cooperation, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Words are powerful tools. We can all harness the power of these words. Consider the words we use to speak (silently) to ourselves are the most important words of all. We recommend using these diaries as a 'personal empowerment tool' and to become aware of how our thoughts and words can cause the circumstances of our lives.

We say Forgive the past – let it go; This is one of the most impactful things you can do in your life. Do not dwell in the regrets or resentments of the past. Do not let the past stop you from being who you want to be, now. We say Live the present – there is only now. This is where your power is, in the present moment. What you do now is what matters. We say Create the future – the future you want. Thoughts really do become things, when you speak them and act on them. Use your thoughts, use your words, to inspire, motivate and empower yourself, and others, to take the actions to design and build the life of your dreams. We do.

About the Events

We have created the Get Up and Go Events to bring together a wide range of people who are ‘up and going’ in life, living life with courage and passion, ‘out there’ causing results in the world and changing peoples lives for the better. We invite people from all walks of life, from business, education, health, technology etc, people who have inspired me to get out of my ‘comfort zone’ and they are now willing to share their journey with you, to encourage and inspire you, to ‘get up and go’ for what you want in life. These Events are for everyone who has a dream to be the best person they can be, to live the best life they can live, to make the difference they want to make in the world. They are designed for you.

Meet the Get Up and Go Team

Brendan Sands: Born ninth in a family of twelve children in Newry, Northern Ireland, in 1957. A construction worker until 2008, what drives Brendan is a passion for health, well-being and fun. Brendan has a constant reminder of the value of good health, being personally acquainted with the challenges of Cystic Fibrosis in his own family. Observing the effort required simply to breathe on a daily basis, reminds him of what we all take for granted, ie our health, and how sometimes we can be careless with what comes too easily to us. He is passionate about life, fitness and well-being through exercise and diet, and loves to eat the garden produce he grows himself. Now a proud grandfather, a keen cyclist and adventurer Brendan is unstoppable in living and sharing his Get Up and Go philosophy. “Everything is possible if you want it badly enough; just don’t let yourself get stopped by your own thinking”.

Eileen Forrestal: Recently retired from thirty-two years as a Medical Doctor, working in the front line of acute hospital medicine, Eileen is now working full time with Get Up and Go Publications Ltd. Still a keen advocate of ongoing personal growth and development as an access to emotional well being and physical health, she encourages everyone to discover for themselves the access to living life with power, freedom, self expression and peace of mind. Having overcome a 'stammer' that plagued most of her life, Eileen now proudly and enthusiastically uses her voice to encourage, inspire and motivate others to Shine their Light in the world. Her intention is that 'all people know themselves as whole and complete, at the source of their own wellbeing and happiness, living at choice in freedom and peace and present to their unique contribution to the world'.

The story behind the success of Get Up and Go

The Irish Get Up and Go Diary began life as The Irish Survivors Diary in 2001. Glenda Devlin had arrived in Ireland from South Africa in 1999 for a new life with her husband Tommy. While adjusting to life in a new country, she was faced with the reality of a devastating diagnosis which led to Tommy’s death in 2001. To sustain her during his illness, Glenda had created The Irish Survivors Diary. The fundamental message of the Irish Survivors diary was “It is not our circumstances that differentiate us, but our attitude to those circumstances”. Unbeknownst to Glenda, Eileen had bought the Irish Survivors Diary regularly and used it to support her through a challenging time in her own life. In 2006 Eileen was fundraising for Cambodia in support of a small NGO (school) for poor and orphan children. Hoping that the person behind 'The Irish Survivors Diary' might support her fundraising efforts, Eileen approached Glenda. Instantly recognising the others’ commitment to empowering people, and to ensure the survival of the diary, they embarked on a business partnership. The name was changed to 'The Irish Get Up and Go Diary' to reflect more accurately the new positive energy in the partnership. The Diary's transformation to the unique, beautiful and colourful diary, now so loved by so many, had begun. Brendan joined the company in 2008 bringing even more energy and enthusiasm. An appearance on Dragon’s Den in 2011, while not receiving any investment, spurred the Company on even more, to be ‘one of the ones that got away!’ The popularity of the diaries continued to increase steadily and new products were added by popular demand to provide for different customer segments. Get up and go Publications Ltd now supply diaries and journals throughout Ireland through major distributors and independent retail outlets. Also, through our on-line shop, we send diaries and journals to 'the four corners' of the world. A visit to Entrepreneurs institute Resort in Bali in 2013 provided a connection to Roger Hamilton and Wealth Dynamics. The opportunity to sponsor Rogers Fast Forward Your Business 2016 Global Tour in London and the opportunity to co-create the Genius journal is also contributing to our continued success. Glenda departed the company in June 2016. Eileen and Brendan and the rest of The Get Up and Go Team continue to be committed to the ongoing growth and development of the company, to providing excellent quality products that make a difference in peoples lives, and an excellent customer experience.