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  • Daily Guide to Health, Wellbeing and Happiness


    In the spirit of Our Health is our Wealth (“well-th”) – we have created this Wellbeing guide in the same format as our ever popular diaries. It contains lots of inspiring quotes, beautiful images, and daily reminders of what it takes to keep us well – it’s not just about diet and exercise!! As always,…

  • Daily Planner for Busy Women 2023


    This A5, Hardback, 480 Pages, page-a-day Journal is a handy, practical, useful and beautiful diary/planner to organize and inspire your life  – daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Beautifully illustrated throughout, it contains inspirational quotes, daily motivational sayings, monthly goals, regular check-ins and opportunities for reflection. Simplify your year with a Get Up & Go Daily Planner.

  • Leadership Journal

    Leadership Journal


    Get Up and Go Leadership Journal

    Enhance your leadership as a trusted and inspiring leader by embracing  Self Awareness, embarking on Self Mastery and owning your Self expression.

    Unleash your own leadership potential and allow others to unleash theirs.

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams`


  • Daily Planner and Wall Planner Duo

    Daily Planner and Wall Planner Duo


    Get Up and Go Planner bundle
    This amazing  Get Up and Go Daily Planner for Busy Women and a FREE A1 Wall Planner DUO is a fantastic gift for yourself , family, friend or colleague.
    Bundle of two products. (Original price €44,95)

      1. The The Get Up and Go Daily Planner  for Busy Women Duo 2023
      2. The A1 Wall Planner – A year in view
  • The Irish Get Up and Go Diary 2023


    Our signature ‘diary with a difference’- Beautifully illustrated. The Irish Get Up and Go Diary is created newly each year, to inspire, motivate, enlighten and encourage the reader to ‘get up and go’ every day, as you progress towards the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams in life.

  • The Get Up and Go Diary for Busy Women 2023


    This is a diary created by busy women for busy women. Have you ever met a woman who wasn’t busy?

    As Eileen, the author, says, “As a busy woman, what I need is ‘time in’ (as opposed to time out!), time to get present to what’s really important in my life and not let the busy-ness distract me from what matters”.

    The time taken to create, and read, this diary is just that – an opportunity to connect with what’s important, and to be inspired and encouraged by who you are, in the face of the challenges of your busy life. We all need time to reflect on, and appreciate, who we are, and all the good that we do. What is all the busyness for – if not to be happy in ourselves?

  • Young Person's Diary

    Young Person’s Diary 2023


    These diaries are indeed ‘different’. 148 pages of inspiring quotes, motivational sayings and simple, cheerful and heart warming messages, this is brim full of positivity and optimism.
    Affordably priced this is a quality product, artfully presented with unique illustrations and fun images.
    This is the perfect Christmas gift, that will guide the young reader through the challenges of 2023.

  • Sale! November Calendar 2022

    November Calendar 2022

  • The Get Up and Go Diary 2023


    Almost identical in content to our signature The Irish Get Up and Go Diary, this diary is not specifically directed at the Irish market, making its universal words of inspiration and wisdom available to all English speaking cultures.

  • Gratitude Journal

    Gratitude Journal


    A beautiful, Case Bound, A5 journal where you can record those people and things in your life that you can be truly grateful for.

  • Sale! Wealth Dynamics Profile Test for Entrepreneurs

    Wealth Dynamics Profile Debrief


    45-60 min session with a certified Entrepreneurs Institute Flow Consultant

  • Genius Journal – Digital


    Introducing an exciting new option that will keep you ‘inspired and motivated’.

    We have designed a digital edition of your beloved Genius Journal, available for download.

    This ‘write-on-able’ download is yours, to printout or engage with electronically from your device.

    N.B. This is a digital product and NOT a physical journal.