Attaining Health, Wellbeing and Happiness

We are launching the Daily Guide to Health, Wellbeing and Happiness Journal 2023
this month. In previous years this was the Daily Guide to Good Health and Wellbeing.
We have added Happiness this year as it is a fundamental ingredient of wellbeing and
wellbeing is a fundamental ingredient of happiness

As Voltaire, the French philosopher said ‘I choose happiness because it is good for my health.’

Bad News

Everyone is going through tough times right now, and it’s not easy to find things to be ‘happy’ about.  However, for the good of our health, and the overall quality of our lives, it’s vitally important that we at least look.

Constant Bad News is detrimental to our peace of mind and this poses a threat to mental, emotional, physical and social wellbeing.

Good News

The good news is “no amount of water in the ocean will sink the ship, if there are no holes in the ship”. The ship is designed to float on the surface of the ocean and to navigate rough seas.  We are our own ship. What builds our ship is friendship, fellowship, partnership,  comradeship and relationship so we can survive any hardship.

Yes, we require trusted leadership, but we must also learn to lead our own ship through the  storm. Even leaders need a light to guide them in the dark.

While there are many things outside of our control, there are many things we can control.

We are at the helm of our ship and it’s important to know what we can control, in order to strengthen our ship.  We have full control of our attitude, our actions, our choices and our reactions.  It doesn’t always appear that way .. but that’s the way it is.  When we accept life as it is, whether we like it or not, we can start to relax a little.

If we are in a constant argument, or battle, with life, or wishing it was another way, we will  not find much occasion for happiness or peace of mind.

Every battle weakens the ship.

One thing we can be certain of in life is that life is uncertain and change happens, whether  we like it or not.

5 ways to bring your happiness and wellbeing to the next level.

1) Be with others who make you smile.

Our friendships are our best defence against unhappiness. We are happiest when we are around those who are also happy.  Choose who you want to be around. If you have to spend time with sad or ‘negative’ people, be sure to bring some positivity with you, that you can share with them. Everyone has their own troubles. Maybe you can be the reason that another smiles. Jot in this amazing health, wellbeing and happiness journal one reason why you smiled.

2) Get excited about the future.

Make plans for doing things you enjoy with people you love. Parties, picnics, get togethers, outings, holidays, day trips, ice cream, movies.  Write, draw, paint, sing, dance, make music .. there’s lots to choose from. Do more  of what brings you joy and connects you with what you love. Many people dwell in  the past, comparing times now to times then.  Regret is poor company.  Resentment is worse.  Worry and fear for the future also wastes a lot of opportunities for new occasions of delight in the present. Keep living such that you are creating memories that you can reflect back on in future times.

3) Get connected with what lights you up on the inside.

What inspires you? What energises you and makes you feel alive? Where do you feel your contribution is most valuable? What are your strengths and where can you offer to be of service.  The feeling we are contributing to making the world a little better or brighter or  happier for someone else, goes a long way to our own feelings of wellbeing, happiness and worthiness.

4) Play more as you did when you were a child.

When did life become so serious?  When did we get so bogged down in the struggle of it all? Yes, we all have had some  challenges to deal with and some hardships to overcome .. but we are here. And  there will be more. Every day is a new day. When we can see life ‘as a game’ and we  are here to learn how to play it … then we can see each lesson as an opportunity to grow. Life will continue to challenge us. We are no longer children, but we can still laugh. When we were children … life was magical. We thought it was all a game.  Maybe it still is. We just need to remind ourselves of the rules of adult ‘gamesmanship’ … and who’s steering the ship! It’s not about being ‘first to the finish line’. It can be just for the fun of taking part and enjoying the ride! We’ll all get to the finish line soon enough! It’s too easy to forget we have a limited time in which to play this magical game.

5) If you want to be happy, be happy.

There is nothing stopping you. In the words attributed to Abraham Lincoln “People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be”. Happiness is indeed a choice. And there are consequences to being happy. Your health and wellbeing will improve but you may mightily annoy your neighbours!!

Why is Health, Wellbeing and Happiness important?

With all that is mentioned above, these three aspects are of benefit everyone.   Feeling healthy and good about ourselves allows us to be good to others in our lives.  As happier, more fulfilled individuals, we have more value to those around us.

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