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There’s a lot going on in the world today, and we are crying out for leadership. Leaders that can take powerful action. It seems like we are just lurching from one crisis to another. Maybe that’s the fault of the media, feeding our hunger for drama like the ‘news’ is now some form of entertainment. And the ‘news’ seems relentless, coming at us from all sides. Most of it doesn’t actually concern us, but we are concerned anyway. We cannot un-hear what we hear, and we cannot un-see what we see. It looks like our leaders are letting us down. So, we ‘turn off’ the news, so we don’t have to see it – because it’s “too much” and we don’t know how to deal with it!

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Most crises are not happening where we are.

Most crises are, or will be, happening elsewhere. We worry about the future. We worry about the past. But we worry in the present. If we really think about it, most of what’s going on in the world, is what’s going on between people and how stuff impacts peoples’ lives. We see how a hurricane can devastate a community and its families; we can relate to that. And we can see how the communities come together. Closer to home, what’s happening ‘out there’ – is a reflection of what’s happening between our two ears, and behind our two eyes.
That’s where it becomes really personal. “What if it was me …? “ And that’s where we become anxious … not knowing what we would do, if it happened to us! And this is the good news.
So many of our worries and concerns are in our minds. “Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair – it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere”

Leadership Journal
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What is leadership really about?

Leadership is about taking powerful action, and inspiring others to take action, action that brings results. The world is changing very fast, and we need to change to keep up with the changing world. We also need to trust ourselves that we can handle anything – and that we can ask for help of we need it.
What does it take to build trust? Worrying doesn’t build trust. Worrying thrives on doubt and suspicion.
Doubt and suspicion lives between our ears. So do trust and courage. We could let go our fear and doubt … and replace it with trust and confidence… and see what happens .. We need to have some compassion. Everyone is worrying about something. It’s ok to ask. It’s ok to show you care. And it’s ok to tell others about your worries.
Maybe people can’t do anything to help, but saying it out loud, and have other people listen, might just be all you need.

This leadership Journal can be the answer

Powerful actions such as reading then writing in a journal is necessary. Journaling can be really great way of saying – and seeing – on paper – as you write – what’s actually happening in your day to day life … and all of the thoughts in your head about what’s happening; whether it’s “good” or “bad” or “should be” or “shouldn’t be” happening. It’s important to get these thoughts out of your head and onto paper – where you can look at them … and wonder … how much of your brain power is taken up with worrying.

Could you spend less time worrying and more time trusting?

What about trusting others to do what they do best, and you focus on doing stuff you
enjoy, like chatting with friends, or walking the dog, or listening to music, or planning
your next holiday, or working on that interesting project, or finding that new job, or
enrolling in that new course?
Nobody’s perfect.
Life is an adventure.
The future is there to be created.
We’re all just muddling through the present as best we can – trying to show how “we
have it all handled” (Who hasn’t heard of ‘imposter syndrome’ in 2022??)
Not too many of “have it all handled”.
People are handling stuff all the time, as it happens.
When you were little you thought ‘mummy and daddy’ had it all handled … now, looking
back, what do you think, really?
You just trusted them to do their best for you.
Perhaps they were winging it just like the rest of us .. carried along by the gift of your
Join the human race.
Life doesn’t come with a tidy Power Point presentation.
If we could just spend a little more time asking each other – “How are you today, really?”
If we could trust each other a little more to be honest and tell the truth.

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  1. I love you posts, there is such stengths in you words and comfort also. I just ordered your book. I just love what you doing. All the very best. Celine Kilcoyne

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