Are you a Get Up And Go Leader, Inspired by a Great Purpose?

Do you want to make 2022 your best year yet?

As a ‘get up and go’ purpose inspired leader, you must

Face the future with confidence

Inspire others to excel

Motivate others to achieve

Encourage others to go beyond

Empower others to their greatness

Coaching Leadership Journal

How you can do this...

By inspiring, motivating, encouraging and empowering yourself – with the Get Up and Go Leadership Journal!

Leadership Journal with Inspirational quotes

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Here is why this Leadership Journal is a must have

Enhance your leadership as a trusted and inspiring leader by embracing
Self Awareness, embarking on Self Mastery and owning your Self expression. 
Unleash your own leadership potential and allow others to unleash theirs. 
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams`

Benefits of the Get Up and Go the Leadership Journal:

  • Provides insights into the minds of great leaders by their words.
  • Daily inspiration will keep you focused, optimistic and intentional.
  • Daily motivation to take action – small steps – in the right direction.
  • Its quirky fun style and easy layout reminds us to keep life in perspective.
  • Covering a wide range of leadership concepts it focuses on empowering the leader you are, such that you can lead yourself, your team and your organisation to extraordinary success.
  • It is a unique gift for colleagues and staff – you are empowering the leader in them.
  • A great tool for use in leadership workshops – to inspire great conversations.
Leadership Journal for leadership workshops

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What do others have to say?


At AIBF we take pride in supporting our accredited Business All-Stars drive their business forward.

We wanted to create a resource that our 600+ members can use daily to nurture the leader in them and inspire them to realise their greatest ambitions.

Hence the AIBF Leadership Journal was crafted in collaboration with on of our All-Star businesses Get Up & Go Diaries.

From idea inception to the final product, working with Get Up and Go team (Eileen, Catriona, Brendon) has been an absolute pleasure.

We are thrilled with the quality and the feedback from users has been extremely positive.

Kapil Khanna
Managing Director
All-Ireland Business Foundation

This wonderful Leadership Journal was customised for the All Ireland Business Fondation - https://aibf.ie/

All Ireland Business Customised Leadership Journal jpg

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