5 Benefits of Writing It Down

Harness the power of the pen to cause miracles in your life.

Top Ten Things To Do To Bring Positivity Into Your Life .

Bring Positivity Into Your Life and Find Your Get Up and Go!

What's the problem?

Our lives seems to be full of problems. We have problems in our relationships,…

5 Reasons To Come To Sligo

Sligo is my Inspiration Destination. Sligo is where I discovered my passion and my purpose. It may be where you discover yours.

Emily and me.

Everything Happens For a Reason.

Sligo's Magic!

Home is Where the Heart is.

Discovering something new

This has been an amazing week for discovery.1) I discovered that it is possible to have people to do amazing things for you by simply being very honest about your problem and asking them to help…

The ‘wolf that we feed’

I went to Mass this morning.I don’t go every Sunday but when I do go, I listen, I participate, I sing and it always seems like time well spent. Well, my theory is, if I am going…

Leave or Stay

There was a book I read once ‘Too good to leave, too bad to stay’, about whether or not to stay in a relationship.It was simple. If it’s too good to leave, don’t leave; if it’s too bad to stay,…