Making 2022 Your Best Year Yet Unlock Your Talent, Ignite Your Genius And Be A Purpose Inspired Entrepreneur

Over the last 2 years many entrepreneurs have been experiencing challenging times such as

  • Disconnection between knowledge and action -the knowing-doing gap
  • Fear that is preventing you from taking action
  • Internal dialogue is creating distraction and preoccupation with other stuff

We have the perfect antidote for you, The Genius Journal.

Discovering your Entrepreneur Genius means that you can follow your natural path to building wealth, you can live life with less resistance – and joy & success naturally flows toward you.

This is a collaboration between Get Up and Go Publications Ltd – Publishers of The World’s Best Loved Diary and Futurist and Entrepreneur – Roger James Hamilton.

This inspirational journal can help to overcome these experiences.

  • It encourages you Be the Genius you were Born to be.
  • It inspires you to unlock your talent and Ignite your passions.
  • It motivates you to ‘get up and go’ forward as the purpose inspired entrepreneur you are, every day

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About Roger James Hamilton

He Is The Founder Of Genius Group, GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute And Entrepreneur Resorts. He Is The Creator Of Entrepreneur Dynamics, A Series Of Psychometric Tests, Used By Over 1.7 Million Entrepreneurs And Students To Find Their Flow.

“You don’t need to know every step.  You just need to know the right step, right now”  Roger J Hamiton

By inspiring, motivating, encouraging and empowering yourself – with the Get Up and Go Leadership Journal!

Give a unique gift of a Genius Journal to your colleagues, staff, friends and family.

The Genius Journal will ‘ignite your genius’ and is designed to motivate the ‘entrepreneur’ to ‘get up and go’ forward in life and business.

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  • Reward your staff or colleagues
  • Create stronger connections
  • Encourage happier feelings
  • Inspire others

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Here is what others have to say about this Genius Journal

Fantastic tool – practical, beautiful and a total life changer!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Tina Jonasen
I purchased my Genius journal online and downloaded it immediately on paper I really love. The journal goes with me wherever I go and I love it because it is well laid out, effective for keeping me on track, has me mindful of what is important and supports me in my goals. Buy it, it's fabulous.
Trish Alexander
Sport-Preneur, and startup junkie

Stay on track with your Genius every day

The Genius Journal contains 365 days of inspiration and motivation. Using the journal daily will leave  you feeling encouraged, empowered, educated and enlightened.

Ignite Your Inner Genius

  • Use this amazing genius journal to keep track of your daily intentions / goals
  • Think it, Ink it, Do it – small actions that you can consistently take to perform as the Genius you are every day.
  • Inspire yourself with your own passions, purpose and productivity

USE Voucher code ‘Genius’ and SAVE UP TO 20% on physical products or digital downloads

Motivate you to ‘get up and go’ forward as the GeniusU are every day.