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  • Digital Diary for Busy Women – April


    Designed with today’s Busy Woman in mind, this is a diary with a difference – ‘the diary that inspires and motivates’. Beautifully illustrated, the Get Up and Go Diary for Busy Women is designed to inspire and motivate you, a Busy Woman, to ‘get up and go’ every day with courage and confidence. As you meet and deal with the challenges of everyday life, let yourself be assured that all is well, and trust your own intuition, dreams and future vision to guide you.  Download it and keep yourself organised.

  • Digital Guide to good health and wellbeing – April


    Welcome to our Wellbeing Journal

    We are going through tough times right now.

    COVID-19 is a new challenge for our world.

    It is a threat to both our physical and mental/emotional wellbeing.

    In this Journal we offer our usual helping of ‘Get Up and Go’ daily inspiration to support your mood, with tips on maintaining good health, optimism and wellbeing while we navigate this uncertainty.

    One thing we can be certain of in life is that change happens, whether we like it or not.

    It is our mission to encourage, inspire, motivate and empower our readers to face the daily challenges changes and of life, with courage and confidence.

    Be well today.

    Have today be a great day.

  • Digital Irish Get Up and Go – April


    Introducing an exciting new option that will keep you ‘inspired and motivated’ every month.

    We have designed a digital monthly edition of your beloved Get Up and Go Diary, available for download.

    This ‘write-on-able’ monthly download is yours, to printout or engage with electronically from your device.

  • Digital Young Person’s Diary – April


    An exciting, colourful ‘diary with a difference’. Aimed at young people aged 8 – 15, yet suitable for all ages, it is full of inspiration and motivation that encourages and empowers young people to look at life from different perspectives. The diary format is user friendly and easy to read; the content is interesting and thought provoking. In this ‘ever on’ generation, with ‘information’, coming at them at every turn, there is a danger they can become overwhelmed, discouraged, and disengaged from the realities of life. A perspective that empowers the individual, that encourages exploration and fosters resilience, helps young people deal with the challenges of the present and will prepare them for the realities of the future. The hundreds of inspiring quotes, from some of the world’s greatest minds, wonderfully illustrated, share a profound wisdom that aims to ensures a balanced view of the ups and downs’ of life’s journey. Daily motivational messages, inspiring stories and a monthly Goals Page for personal goals, dreams and action plans, all serve to have the reader ‘get up and go’ in life, with courage and confidence.

    Thiis ‘write-on-able’ monthly download is yours, to printout or engage with electronically from your device