Irish Diary 2-pack


This amazing bundle  – The Irish Get Up and Go Diary is an amazing gift for yourself, family or friend.

Bundle of two products. (Original price €24)

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Inspirational quote:

“Ni mar a shiltear a bhitear”

“Things are not always as they seem” 

Irish Diary 2-pack – Our signature ‘diary with a difference’- Beautifully illustrated. This Irish Diary encourages the reader to be inspire and motivate every day.

The “Irish Get Up and Go  Diary” is an innovative and motivational tool designed to help individuals achieve lead a more fulfilling life.

Here are four major benefits of the diary:

1. **Goal Setting and Focus:** The monthly goal-setting section provides individuals with a structured platform to outline their aspirations and intentions for the upcoming month. This process helps users define their priorities, set achievable objectives, and cultivate a clear sense of direction. By starting each month with goal setting, users are empowered to align their actions with their long-term ambitions.

2. **Daily Inspiration:** The inclusion of a daily quote serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. These carefully selected quotes offer wisdom, insight, and positivity, encouraging individuals to embrace each day with a refreshed mindset. Engaging with these quotes can foster a sense of mindfulness, fostering a positive outlook and boosting confidence.

3. **Reflective Practice:** The space provided for short reflections allows users to contemplate the daily quote and connect it with their personal experiences. This practice encourages self-awareness and self-discovery, as individuals ponder how the quote resonates with their own journey. Through reflection, users can gain valuable insights into their thoughts, emotions, and actions, leading to personal growth and enhanced emotional intelligence.

4. **Encouragement of Creativity:** The diary’s inclusion of a section to jot down something that inspires you nurtures creativity and encourages a broader perspective. By allowing users to capture moments, ideas, or experiences that ignite their passion, the diary promotes a proactive engagement with one’s interests and desires. This process fosters a deeper connection to one’s hobbies, aspirations, and sources of joy.

Incorporating these features, the “Irish Get Up and Go Diary” becomes a powerful tool that empowers individuals to set meaningful goals, stay inspired, engage in self-reflection, and nurture their creativity on a daily basis. This holistic approach can lead to a more balanced, purpose-driven, and fulfilling life.

What they say:

“I’ve bought Get Up and Go diaries since 2011 and they bring joy to every single day with their phrases! Love them!” – Tracy

“Thank you for creating such a joyous and inspirational diary!
I bought two Get Up and Go Diary 2023, as a special gift for a wonderful friend and for me!” – Noreen


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