Personal Growth

Personal growth and personal development are one and the same, for all intents and purposes. It’s the process by which you explore and recognise yourself, step by step, to reach your full potential. This process of growth is important to attain success, maturity, and happiness.

All life is about growth. If we’re not growing … what are we doing??

There are definite rules, though, when you embark on the process of personal growth:

  • It’s never too late
  • There is no magic solution
  • Learn the rules like a professional and then figure out how to break them creatively
  • Personal development is not just for unhappy individuals or for anyone who needs change
  • There is no one way – Personal growth is not the same for everyone and if it works for one person, it isn’t a given that it will work for another
  • Take information at face value and decide whether it might be false, misleading, or exaggerated
  • Personal growth takes time, work, and effort, and it will probably lead to a good deal of discomfort
  • Drastic change and morphing into a different person are not what personal development is about
  • Consistency is vital
  • This is not something you have to be successful at on your first try. You get to work on it as many times as it takes.

When embarking on your personal development strategy, see it as a journey that starts with a single step to move you out of your comfort zone and onto the person you want to be.

Step 1: Assess Yourself

You might need to ask people who know you in all areas of your life to give you some outside perspective here since we do not see ourselves the same way others do. This could be surprisingly illuminating. When you know yourself better, you are able to see yourself realistically, this includes all your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, life-threats, and obstacles.

Step 2: Be open-minded

Be curious and open to learning. You can change your reality by recognising the possibilities open to you.

Step 3: It is what it is

Accept what you cannot change. This will result in no more rejecting, resisting, or holding onto the negatives that have restricted your growth. 

Step 4: Let it Go

If you want to bring in better, new aspects to promote your development, chances are you will have to let go of whatever no longer serves the new you. Throw off the restrictive and make room for the inspiring. You will find this a very liberating experience that will bring you astonishing relief.

Step 5: Embrace Positive Change

You cannot grow without changing.

Step 6: Be Realistic

To grow you must change the relationship you have with yourself. You should not be delusional about the positives and nor should you overthink or exaggerate the negatives.

Step 7: Live Deliberately

Don’t rely on hopes and dreams. Go out and make it happen. Live with intent and be in control of your fate.

Step 8: Work and effort

It can involve a certain amount of discomfort. We all know how comfortable it can be in our comfort zone. Unfortunately all growth happens OUTSIDE our comfort zone.

Yes, you can be the person you want to be. It all starts with making the decision and then taking that first step. The first step will lead to the next step.

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